How We Turned a Screen Porch into a Mudroom and a Kitchen into a Dream

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Project: Eliot St.

Does it drive you nuts when shoes, jackets, mail, and more pile up in your kitchen? When our clients approached us, this was one of the challenges they expressed to us as we embarked on their kitchen renovation. We quickly put on our thinking caps, assessed the flow of the entire first floor, and immediately identified an underutilized screen porch. And that’s when the magic of our design-build firm kicked into gear!

Not only were we tasked with revitalizing the heart of their home, the kitchen, but we also wanted to make the overall layout of the kitchen and entryway much more useful. Our mission was clear: breathe new life into this space. We meticulously crafted a design plan that would not only enhance the aesthetics but also optimize the kitchen’s workflow.

Our talented team of designers worked their magic, incorporating the latest trends and innovative ideas while keeping the client’s preferences in mind. We installed sleek new cabinetry and appliances and created a new kitchen that exudes modern elegance.

We also unleashed the potential of the underutilized screen porch by giving it a purposeful makeover. Instead of letting it linger unused, we saw an opportunity to create something remarkable – a much-needed mudroom! Transforming this space not only enhanced the flow and functionality of this home but we think it’ll add value for years to come!

With careful planning and attention to detail, our design-build experts turned this neglected space into a stylish and useful mudroom. We added a custom bench to sit on while putting shoes on, lots of hooks for jackets and bags, and baskets to contain all the footwear, making clutter in the kitchen a thing of the past! This once-overlooked space is now a welcoming and organized entryway.

The seamless integration between the two spaces creates a harmonious flow throughout the home and the cohesive design effortlessly connects the kitchen and mudroom, allowing for easy entry and a visually pleasing aesthetic. Whether it’s unloading groceries after a trip to the store or grabbing your coat and keys, on your way out, this new space makes all the daily tasks a breeze!

We love it when we have the opportunity to re-envision a space and create a thoughtful design. This project, which saw a kitchen revitalized and an underutilized screen porch transformed into a functional mudroom, showcases our commitment to creating spaces that not only look stunning but also enhance the way you live.




High-Style Meets Highrise

High-Style Meets Highrise

With floor-to-ceiling windows and a rooftop deck, this highrise home deserved high style. We were sure to take advantage of the views from every angle while adding soft, comfortable furnishings to finish the space. Not too fussy, but definitely fun!

Unleashed Potential

Unleashed Potential

Tasked with revitalizing the heart of the home, the kitchen our team also unleashed the potential in an underutilized screen porch. The result is a stylish new mudroom entryway into a sleek and elegant new kitchen.