Handcrafted Masterpieces.


Completely custom furniture gets it start in a gorgeous showroom.

Masterpiece Woodworks Inc. in Avon, MA is a group of incredible artisans who handcraft custom furniture. But, their showroom and workshop felt more like a wood shop than a show stopper.

From the office furniture to the organization of materials, we completely overhauled their look to design a workshop that showcased the incredible talent of this company. From custom designed furniture to the organization of materials, we were there to provide the creative insight they needed to take their working space to the next level.

The results? A living, breathing work of art that surrounds potential clients with the tools they need to imagine their own masterpiece.

Commercial Design | Avon, MA


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High-Style Meets Highrise

High-Style Meets Highrise

With floor-to-ceiling windows and a rooftop deck, this highrise home deserved high style. We were sure to take advantage of the views from every angle while adding soft, comfortable furnishings to finish the space. Not too fussy, but definitely fun!

Unleashed Potential

Unleashed Potential

Tasked with revitalizing the heart of the home, the kitchen our team also unleashed the potential in an underutilized screen porch. The result is a stylish new mudroom entryway into a sleek and elegant new kitchen.