Great design starts at the curb

After years of patching and touch-ups on the exterior of our home, I (finally) made the plunge to re-paint. While it doesn’t sound quite as sexy as redesigning a new kitchen or bedroom, there were so many elements to the exterior that made this project feel more like an inspiration than a desperate necessity.

colorswatchesThe backdrop: Paint Color 

A designer’s dilemma: so many colors to choose from! For this project, I went with  gray horse (after a quick Facebook survey, of course!) I wanted something neutral but different from your standard “seacoast” gray.



The leading lady: Front Door Front door options

Talk about a statement piece. Your front door says a ton about your personal style. For me, sticking with a classic black allowed me to accessorize. Speaking of which…




Exterior AccessoriesThe supporting actors: Accessories

Planters on porches. New house numbers. Showstopper wreath. These are definitely a few of my favorite things. Now that the fresh paint and trim were completed, I dove into design ideas. It always amazes me how much the little details matter to the overall design.



Bourque House Makeover Results

Beautiful photography by Jessica Delaney Photography

The results:
As an interior designer, I have high expectations and want the best possible quality for my clients (and my own home!).

To say I’m thrilled with the result is an understatement. Even designers need a reminder that a fresh coat of paint can totally transform your space. A huge thanks to CertaPro for their excellence in service and delivery. It was a process I put off for years and they made me wish I had done it sooner.

*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.*